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Mini USB 10pin connector with cover and PCB with resistor

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This is a angled 10pin mini USB connector with a PCB attached that has an ID resistor to activate video out on the GoPro 3/4 and Flir, and has soldering pads for audio out (A), video out (V), ground (G) and at the bottom side PWR (+5V input) and GND.  The PCB makes it much easier to solder wires to the connector and the resistor is already assembled.  This connector is also likely to be suitable for some FLIR cameras for power and video out.

As option, you can select a 3 or 4 wire cable with a crimped AMP Mini CT connector (see additional pictures) or a 4-wire cable with 5-pin connector matching the ImmersionRC Video Sender (this can also be ordered ready soldered as a complete cable) to support video, audio and external power to camera.  These wires come unsoldered and are 15cm long (except if otherwise stated).  For soldering instructions see our blog at .    Wire colours may differ from the pictures.

The connector cover has two small snap locks that easily breaks (either if you try to open the cover again or it might happen during shipment, even they are packed in containers).  This doesn't matter so much, as the cover will be held together with some additional internal clips as well and anyhow, we recommend that you fill the cover with hot glue or similar to provide strain relief.  We do not replace covers there these clips are broken, as they are not really important.

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